Cutting list module is a powerful extra module of KD Max V5.0. With the parameterized cabinet library in cutting list module, you can design cabinets as what you need. After finishing design, you can export a cutting list which contains precise panel quantity and panel dimension accurate to the millimetre. This cutting list can be used for cabinet manufacture.

1. Export a precise cutting list faster and more accurate.


After finishing a design with parameterized cabinet library, users can export a precise cutting list which contains panel's quantity and panel's dimension in the scene. Compared to the manual cutting list, cutting list function can greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy.

How to export cutting list in seconds


2. Customize your own cabinet library easily.

The parameterized library contains various parameterized cabinets models. By setting 23 parameter values of cabinets, such as width, depth, height or carcass panel thickness , you can modify cabinet's dimension and structure to build your own cabinet library with no limitation in KD Max. 

Furthermore, parameters of production process can also be modified precisely such as back panel thickness, depth of back panel embedding in to bottom panel and so on. All the changes will be updated in cutting list in real time.

How to create a parameterized cabinet