Modify UAC setting to Enable map drag-and-drop
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Solutions to drag-and-drop failure in win8/8.1

In YFCAD software, one of the advantages is that pictures in JPEG format can be directly dragged and dropped onto any surfaces in Render. The mechanism is that pictures will be released into vr emp after dragged and dropped, so that the program can read them. This feature helps speed up your design process and makes your demonstration more impressive. 

But with operation system Win 8/Win 8.1, this operation fails in some users’ computers, mainly because Win 8/Win 8.1 has very strict user role control. If you cannot use drag-and-drop to change materials, simply use ‘material editor’. This is a very easy way to use function in YFCAD software, with default setting of various materials.

If some users have good computer knowledge and still prefer to use drag-and-drop, you may try shutting down UAC temporarily. UAC(User Account Control), is a Windows built-in program for protecting the system from any kinds of virus attacks. As a kind of general protection software, UAC do not have an absolute standard to distinguish legal and illegal operations so that drag-and-drop could be considered harmful.

These two methods of shutting down UAC would only take effect after restarting the system, please see below:

1.   Go to Control Panel and find User Accounts, click Change User Account Settings, and drag the slider toNever notifyNotice that UAC doesn’t completely shut down even though it’s in Never notify level, but usually pictures can be dragged and dropped in this status.

2.      In the latest Windows version such as Win 8.1, dragging UAC down to Never notify would not help and one has to completely shut down UAC with the following steps:

a.       Open registry by pressing Win+R, and input regedit

b.      Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Policies > System

c.       Double click EnableLUA, and change value data from 1 to 0