How to make iScan channel in InteriCAD
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How to make iScan channel in InteriCAD

IScan is a useful display tool to show products with different maps in showroom. In iScan, a surface that can be applied to different materials is called a channel.  For example, wood floor and wall paper are two channels in this scene, so we can change maps on the wall and floor to present different room styles as shown below.

However, how do these iscan channels be made? Let’s take InteriCAD T6 as an example to learn(InteriCAD T5/7000/8000 share the same operations. ).

1.        A set of code is needed to activate iScan Maker function in VR. (Contact us to apply for it if you don’t have.)

2.        Choose an optimal view angel to render after preparing the scene

3.       Make iScan channel.

Choose File/iScan Maker, and then click “New channel” in popup window.

Now start to create the first channel. Choose surface(s) one by one as the first channel. Click ok to confirm. Please be noted that a channel will be applied with the same maps. For example, here we choose these two surfaces as the first channel.

Then specify property and maps of iScan for this channel. For example, if we choose wall, then all maps in m020 can be applied to the wall. If we choose wallpaper, then maps in m021 will be applied to the wall. (The maps related  will be shown in Iscan, in the next topic we will also teach how to add your maps to iScan, here is the link:

Now we can see the first channel.

4. Create more channels in the same way if needed (We suggest the channels should be less than 6).

5.       Set times for Radiosity and Photon tracking.  (50 for Radiosity and 100 for Photon tracking is suggested), click Generate to start and save ism file.

6.       Import the ism file to IScan.

After restarting iScan and open the scene, we can see it with three channels.