How to fix authorization code error
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How to fix authorization code error 

authenticity guaranteed after buying software from us or our agent.Key lock and authorization code are used to encrypt for YFCAD software. Customer would get both of them for

Key lock needs to be plugged into USB interface and codes need to be inputted first when using the software. Now let’s take T6 as an example to see how to input codes, here are two ways: 


a.       After finding Input authorization code from Start menu, we can input codes from txt file. Here please note there are only codes allowed in txt file, no another words or blank space.

b.      Click Add, and copy codes line by line to input.

However, sometimes we will still meet problem of authorization code error even if we already inputted codes.

For this situation, please check as following steps to solve the problem:

a.       Check if the codes match the key lock. 

The codes and key lock must be corresponding. We should input the corresponding codes to match the key for use. That’s to say, if one changed another key to use, he needs to input its codes related.

b.      Find InteriCAD T6/menu/ModelCode.txt file, and see if there are codes in it.

If it’s empty, then we need to copy codes into it.

Sometimes this case happens in Win8, the system will prevent the codes being written into software, which made the file empty, thus we need to copy the codes manually.

c.       If steps a&b don’t work, copy ModelCode.txt to InteriCAD T6/VR/System and InteriCAD T6/Ck2d. Then try again.

Generally the codes information will be written into regedit, by which the program can read it. But in OS win8.1, sometimes it will prevent the codes from being written, which made the error. Thus we can copy the file under the same directory of T6 main program. In this way, the program can read codes file directly.