How to add models to user library in VR
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How to add models to user library in VR

Even though the system library of InteriCAD has a massive library, sometimes we still need our own models to help improve the design. Instead of finding out the models from folders, adding them into library is a very good choice for organization. Now let’s see how to add our own models to library.

Before creating our own library, there are three things that we need to prepare for a model: the maps of the *.mrm, the *.jpg preview and the *.mrm. The maps must be put in a folder named vrmap, while the mrm file and its jpg file must share a same name, and be put at a location with the vrmap folder, shown as picture below.

The program that we used to make our own library is called Library Manager. Find “Products Library—Library Manager” in VR. Library Manager is a plug-in of InteriCAD that is for inquiring and modifying information of the model libraries. Expand the system library, here we can check the information of all the models, including their names, type, ID, class, and size.

Now we can start to import models.

a.       Right click on User Library and choose New Group to create your own category. Here I strongly suggest you add your own models to user library and keep system library and online cloud library intact.

b.      Give a name to this category. Let’s say YFCAD. Then right click on YFCAD and choose Import Models(Multi). Hold down Shift key and select the *.mrm files that we have just prepared and click Open.

c.       Then define types for the models as Bed and click OK.

d.      Now we can see, the models have been imported to user library with an exclusive ID of each model assigned by the system.

e.      At last, we can see them from products library.

 We also made video for the steps in detail, please click here to download: