How to add models to user library in modeling
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 How to add models to user library in modeling

In modeling of InteriCAD T6, there is also a library that includes large numbers of doors, windows and other structures. However, sometimes we may still need to enlarge the library by our own models. Then let’s take a look at how to add models to user library in modeling.

1)      The model must be in .dwg format, let’s open it in modeling first. (Here we take a box as an example)

Move the model to coordinate “0,0,0”.


The base point should be left bottom endpoint.

2)      Input command “insbase”, and then input “0,0,0” for new value. Then save the .dwg file again.

3)      Make a preview sharing the same name with the dwg.file. and put it under the location of InteriCADT6AcadLibuserlibuser libraryTest. (Here is an example)

4)      Open library, choose User.  Add a new file and name for it.

5)      Right click on the right region, and click “Add file”

6)      Click “Browse” and then find the dwg. File. Click “OK” to confirm.

7)      Reopen modeling, and now the model has been added to user library.

8)      If there is more than one need to be added, put them into a file. Then choose “Batch add”. And click “Browse” to find the file. The other operations share the same way.