Keylock driver fails to install
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Keylock driver fails to install

Keylock is a standard component of every YFCAD license for software protection. To make a keylock recognizable to a PC, a driver needs to be installed, however, the installation would sometimes fail in some environments that error message Key not found would pop up when turning on the software. 

Generally, the driver will be automatically installed along with the software. But in PCs where security setting is high (or even picky) that the driver would be considered as an harmful or virus program. If you find a warning symbol on SenseIV2.x in Device Manager, that means the keylock is detectable (and in good condition) but the driver didn’t install successfully.

To solve this problem, we list down several steps:

1. Check if there is any antivirus software running. If yes, shut it down and reinstall the driver. You can find the driver program lock.exe in the system folder of the installation DVD. Remember to unplug the keylock from USB hub when installing.

2. If the first step doesn’t work, open Computer Management again, go to Service and ApplicationServices, disable Software Protection and reinstall keylock driver again.

3. If the reinstallation doesn’t solve the problem, right click on SenseIV2.x and choose Update Driver Software, find out the driver manually and install again.

4. If all those ways don’t work, we suspect that the computer was affected by virus and it’s better to scan the entire hard disk. Recently, we targeted a PC virus named PC Data app that would prevent the driver from installing, you can find more information about this virus in the link below: