How to add materials to Iscan and print barcode
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In Iscan, it is very fast and convenient to show products with different matrials. As we know, it just needs to one click to change the material. But you may not know how to add your own materials. Therefore, we now introduce you a manual way to add your materials to iScan and print out the barcodes.

1.    let’s learn the theory how the scene and materials were shown in Iscan. For each scene in iScan, there are three files (.ini, .jpg and .vrs2) under iScan main esource, let’s say s051.

Among them, .ini file controls the material to display. Let’s open it.

‘[1][2][3][4][5]’ means different channels. For example, [1] is KC Door.

‘Match’ means which folder (or folders) can be used in this channel. Here maps in m031 and m033 can be used in KC Door of this scene.
If you also want to use maps in m032 in this KC Door, you can set match=m031|m033|m032 in this file.

Width and Height means size of maps in m031 and m033, map=006 is the defaulting setting, it will adopt map 006 as KC Door every time we open the scene.

2.      Learn iTool.

iTool is the tool for printing Barcode. Open iTool from start, and we will see a catalogue in popup window.

Actually,  every  item  in  the  catalog  is  related  to  a  specific  folder  under iScan/Main/Resource/maps, and this is controlled by def.ini file under iScan/main/resource.  For example, m010 relates to Floor, m011 relates to Modern tile, m012 relates to Classical tile, m20 relates to Wall.

3.      After knowing this, we can start to add maps. Put the maps you prepared under the related file. For example, I put these three wood maps under m033.

And then we can also find them in iTool and iScan.

4.      After adding textures to iScan, now we can use iTool to generate barcodes.

First, we need to copy three font files under “iScan/iScan Guide/Barcode fonts” to “C:/Windows/Fonts” (Your current system).

Then box select new maps and right click to choose Print barcode

Then we print the Barcode successfully.