Solutions to Viewport Disappearance Problem in Modeling
  • 2 ธันวาคม 2016 at 10:59
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Modeling is a very important component for building up relatively more complex interior or exterior structures in InteriCAD T5/6. Recently, an error was reported that when clicking on any objects in the working area, both objects and viewport borderlines would disappear (Fig. 1, 2).

Fig 1: Normal viewports

 Fig 2: Viewports disappeared

 This situation is the result of the incompatibility between Modeling and Windows Areo. Windows Areo is a built-in interface theme of Windows Vista and 7, which is responsible for a lot of elements of Windows interface such as appearance, layout, and the phrasing and tone of instructions. The glass-like window border (Fig. 3) and the live thumbnail (Fig. 4) are two typical features of Windows Areo.

Fig. 3: Glass-like border

Fig. 4: Live thumbnail

The solution to this problem is to exclude the Modeling program from the global effect of Areo. The steps are as follows: 

a.    Go to the directory of InteriCAD T5/6, open Acad folder and find icad.exe.

b.    Right click on icad.exe, choose Property.

c.    Select Compatibility tab, and check Disable desktop composition (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5 Disable desktop composition

d.    Restart Modeling, and program would be back to normal.

 However, this solution is only workable in Windows Vista and 7, because Microsoft abandoned Windows Areo in Windows 8 and the coming versions to adopt new technology for tablet computer operating systems, and Disable desktop composition is therefore removed from the compatibility tab. Thus, we have to modify the program to avoid the viewport disappearance problem in Windows 8 and the coming versions. The details are as follows:

a.    T6 users just need to pick up the current OS correctly during installation that a proper program will be installed to fix the viewport disappearance problem;

If the problem still exists, insert T6 installation DVD again, open System folder, copy all the files inside Acad_Win8 to InteriCADT6acad and replaces all the files.

b.    As per T5 users, please download the corresponding update pack from the links below to fix the problem:


English version: InteriCAD_T5_BtoCAD_Update.exe

 Traditional Chinese version: InteriCAD_T5_BtoCAD_Update_big5.exe