Application of design service

How to use design service to improve showroom sales?

How to set up a digital design showroom?

With YFCAD software, users can set up some areas as below to make their showrooms a high-tech design servicecenter, increasing added value of products and allowing each customer to experience the convenience brought by design service.

Digital experience center provide an interactive shopping experience for customers.                              

Designers can design or modify proposals here

Customer can pick their favorite door panels and hardware.    Designer can present the design proposals to customers and communicate with customers to modify proposals.  

                                                                             How to apply YFCAD software to provide design service ?

1、Attract customers by iScanSalespeople lead customers to select their favorite style and texture by YFCAD’s furnishing experience system—iScan. 
By clicking on the touch screen, customers can see the instant effect of different style and color combinations until they find their favorites. 
This interactive shopping experience can help Shangpin to extend customer’s stay.


2、Take room measurement
Designer will visit customer who books room measurement service. 
After learning about the requirement of customer, designer takes measurement 
and start to use YFCAD software to design proposal.


3、Modify and finalize design proposal
Designer presents design proposal to customers in the showroom after finishing design. 
And the designer can modify the proposal according to customer’s demand.



4、Manufacture and installation
Confirmed order is sent to factory for production. And then Products are delivered an installed






Shangpin is applying the design service above to launch differentiated marketing. In China, many ordinary families cannot afford the interior design fee. But Shangpin provide customers with free design service, which make common people can enjoy design service and provide photo-realistic design proposal. It allows customers to see the real effect of their dream house before it is really built or decorated. Design service is what makes Shangpin has a competitive edge and outperform the competitors both in marketing and service.