What is Design Service?
  • 21 พฤศจิกายน 2016 at 20:08
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Design Service: The New Solution for Furnishing industry

China is the rising furniture and building materials power in recent years. Many Chinese furniture and building materials enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition. To take more market share from competitors, more and more furniture and building materials companies chose design service. Design service means furniture or building materials showrooms offer customers 3D design proposal for free, which allows customer to see the real effect when furniture, tiles, kitchen cabinets or curtain are furnished in their houses

Firstly, let's take a look at the status quo of the furnishing market in China. Some prevailing issues below will be found:

1.Ordinarily, few customers will visit furnishing showroom and salesperson has to passively wait for customers. These problems exist in both the furniture mall and regular chain.

2. Products are displayed as samples or in a sample room. The shopping guide cannot communicate with customers effectively. Customers only have a short stay in showroom.

3. All promotion means are the same and cannot stand out from the fierce competition.

Now over 35,000 furnishing manufacturers have chosen YFCAD as their design software provider to help them apply design service in the showrooms. Among YFCAD users, Shangpin has become the most outstanding one. Below is an integrated design proposal which is designed by Shangpin's designer in 30 minutes. They offer each customer free design service as below.

The integrated proposal provided by Shangpin

These photo-realistic renderings allow customers to see the real effect of their houses furnished with your furniture before the house is built or decorated. And it relieves customers' worries about whether the furniture matches other decoration well. If your salesmen and designers can provide each of your customer with the design proposal as above in a very short time, your showroom will be more attractive than that of your competitors. The amount of each order and the closing ratio will be greatly improved.